Setting Standards for PDT in Dermatology Clinics

basal cell carcinoma 600x400
There’s good evidence to support the use of topical PDT for superficial nonmelanoma skin cancer and precancerous conditions.   Nevertheless, much less information exists on the implementation and outcomes of PDT in clinical practice.

Researchers at the Photobiology Unit of the Ninewells Hospital & Medical School in Dundee, UK, undertook a national survey to determine how PDT was being undertaken in dermatology centers throughout Scotland.

Their survey highlights the practical aspects of delivering PDT services and the types of patients and conditions treated, as well as the outcomes achieved.  The researchers hope to use the survey data as a starting point to help establish “minimum standards for PDT and criteria to audit against these standards,” as reported in the 30 April 2013 issue of Clinical and Experimental Dermatology.


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