Photoimmune Discoveries is an idea of Harrie Vink who unfortunately passed away in 2016.  In 2003, during the course his wife’s battle with lung cancer, Mr. Vink became aware of the immense potential of photodynamic therapy (PDT) and photodiagnosis. Mr. Vink then conceived of the need to inform the public about research and applications in the field of Photomedicine, with a strong initial emphasis on innovative light-based treatments for cancer.

Since 2003, Photoimmune Discoveries has supported a total of nine clinical studies of various applications in Photomedicine. Through the foundation’s funding of clinical trial research, Radachlorin®/Bremachlorin® was clinically approved as a medicine in Russia in 2006 before receiving market authorisation in 2009. Photoimmune Discoveries is supporting research in the Netherlands that will hopefully lead to this medicine’s acceptance in the western world.

Though the main purpose of the website is to inform the general public and medical community about Photomedicine, our ultimate goal is to support the further evolution of such fundamental light-based applications as Photodynamic Therapy, Photodynamic Diagnosis, Photoimmunotherapy, and Fluorescence-Guided Surgery.


Spreading the Word, Supporting Our Cause

Photomedicine is a rapidly growing field of medical endeavor, and new findings are emerging around the world almost daily. One of the tasks of the website is to unearth and illuminate these new findings, while also sharing insights and perspectives relating to light’s immense healing potential. We believe that Photomedicine is the future of health and healing, and we hope to make these non-toxic, light-based treatment methods a reality for people around the world and for many generations to come.

On the Photoimmune Discoveries website, you will find detailed information about PDT and other innovative Photomedicine applications, as well as how they are already improving the treatment of cancer and other diseases. This information should be inspiring to physicians and patients alike, and ultimately may help create the opportunities for the clinical research needed to place Photomedicine more firmly on the medical map. We at Photoimmune Discoveries aspire to shed new light on what will likely be the medicine of the future. To this end, we invite interested companies, investors, and potential partners to begin exploring ways to help support our vision and to purchase licenses through our subsidiary companies.

On the grassroots level, we encourage you to help us spread the word about this revolution in medicine and health care by telling your friends and family about the website. If you would like to support us and learn more about Photomedicine, buy our book, The Medicine of Light, as well as ebooks from the Photoimmune Discoveries eBook Series.   All proceeds from sales of these publications will go to supporting the advancement of Immuno-PDT and other innovative applications of Photomedicine.


“Photomedicine is the future of health and healing.”

  • – Harrie Vink, Founder of Photoimmune Discoveries