Millions of us have had a friend or loved one with cancer, and we’ve witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of high-dose chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Despite many decades of use, these treatments remain highly toxic, often with disabling or even life-threatening consequences. Moreover, the global problem of drug resistance accounts for the ultimate failure of many chemotherapy and antibiotic regimens. Fortunately, safer and more effective ways to treat cancer are being developed. By harnessing the power of light, photoimmune therapies such as Bremachlorin-PDT target the tumor directly and also activate the immune system so that it can better recognize and eradicate cancer cells that have spread to other parts of the body. As you will see upon reading the Discoveries section at, research has shown that photoimmune therapies can dramatically reduce the need for toxic medicines while also greatly improving one’s quality of life and extending survival. Much research is needed before Photomedicine becomes more widely accepted and available. We invite you to help spread the word about Photoimmmune Discoveries through your friends and family, through social media channels or any other means. Help us by becoming a Friend of Photoimmmune Discoveries. In exchange, you will receive our biweekly Discoveries via email. You can also support us by buying our book, The Medicine of Light—a “must read” for anyone interested in health and healing—as well as ebooks from our Photoimmune Discoveries eBook Series. As a FRIEND, I embrace your ideas and will spread the word.

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