Harnessing the Healing Power of Light-Based Therapies

to Overcome Cancer, Precancer, and Chronic Diseases



By Andrei V. Reshetnickov, PhD

and M. Nathaniel Mead, MSc


“Message of Love & New Beginnings” by NHF Chairman Harrie Vink


Foreword by Keith I. Block, MD


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In The Medicine of Light, readers will discover how the proper use of light can favourable influence the body’s anticancer immune defenses.  This emerging approach, known as Immuno-PDT, essentially “wakes” the immune system from its slumber, so that the system becomes highly active against cancer rather than tolerating the disease.  Immuno-PDT strategies already are bearing fruit against some advanced cancers, particularly when used in tandem with conventional modalities such as radiotherapy.  There is evidence that Immuno-PDT may help these patients overcome the problem of treatment-resistant disease that so often spells doom for cancer patients who experience a relapse after undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

Proceeds from the sales of this book will go toward supporting the mission of Photoimmune Discoveries.  It is our hope that The Medicine of Light, together with the information provided on this website, will catalyze new thinking about effective cancer therapy, ultimately helping to transform the entire practice of cancer medicine.

Andrei Reshetnickov, PhD, is a bioorganic chemist who has synthesized numerous photosensitizing agents and developed a wide range of light-based medical technologies. A reviewer for the medical journal, Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy, he continues with his laboratory research in Moscow (Russia).

M. Nathaniel Mead, MSc, is a biologist, integrative medicine research consultant, editor, and writer who has contributed to numerous health-related books as well as Natural Health, Alternative Medicine, Integrative Cancer Therapies, International Journal of Cancer, and Cancer Treatment Reviews.   Read more about the authors…