RADACHLORIN®Radachlorin® is the basic drug for the alternative cancer therapy SYLT (the Systemic Light Treatment). This method is a new and progressive approach in the Photodynamic therapy (PDT).
The drug substance Radachlorin consists of biological active chlorines extracting from micro algae of the genus Spirulina. This drug substance is used as well for the preparation

  • “Radachlorin® solution for intravenous administration 0.35% 10 ml”
  • “Radachlorin® gel for external application 0.1% 25 g”

Radachlorin® is a highly selective photosensitizer for photodynamic therapy (PDT). It can accumulate at a high rate in malignant neoplasms (within 0.5-5 hrs), and its therapeutic ratio varies from 3 to 40 depending on the nosology of a tumour. Radachlorin® action on the tumour can manifest itself only upon a photoexcitation with light having a wavelength of 662±5 nm and results in simultaneous with light activation generation of cytotoxic particles such as singlet oxygen. Radachlorin® is a highly cytophototoxic preparation for different types of cancer cells. Therefore it may be considered as an effective inhibitor of tumour growth. Since the preparation has no dark cytotoxicity and quickly eliminates from the skin and mucous membranes, it is especially recommended for PDT application when it is essential to avoid damage to the normal organs and tissues, and the skin hypersensitivity to daylight.
The reaction of normal skin hypersensitivity to the therapeutic doses of light irradiation during treatment after intravenous administration of Radachlorin® has once been reported.

Radachlorin® Solution for Intravenous Infusion must be kept in a cool place away from light. Radachlorin® solutions in respective liquids for Infusion are stable under the conditions of room lighting or in daylight during at least 24 hours, therefore it is unnecessary to protect the preparation against diffused light when infusing it through a dripper but prolonged exposure of vials or solutions to light should be avoided. Radachlorin® should not be injected through the same syringe or dropper that was used to inject any other drug. Vials of Radachlorin® must not be autoclaved.

No test of the preparation has been run on pregnant women. Radachlorin® should not be administered, like any other medicinal preparation, in the period of pregnancy, especially during the first three months thereof unless the physician is convinced that the expected benefit for the mother’s health will be higher than a potential risk for her child.

Once the preparation is administered, the patient must avoid exposures longer than 30 min to the direct sunlight in summer time for 2 days, in winter time – for 1 day.

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(7) SYLT treatment is there to get you healthier!