Laser LAHTA-MILON, a laser surgical device for photodynamic and hyperthermic treatment; programmable; 9444-003-57906795-2003; registered in the Russian Federation, Reg. No. 29/01050603/5828-03.

Designed and manufactured by MILON LASER Ltd (Russia, Saint-Peterburg) with the participation of RADA-PHARMA Ltd (Moscow).
The design of the dual-beam laser device is based on two laser semiconductor modules with a different wavelength; microprocessor-controlled, equipped with flexible software.

Separate radiation couplings enable the individual or combined use of beam channels. The device allows the dissection and coagulation operations in cancerology, general, cosmetic surgery, ENT surgery, gynecology, and other treatments.

The device provides:
– opportunity of separate and combined use of photodynamic, surgical, and hyperthermic treatments of tissue;
– complex use of the photodynamic channel with all types of patented photosensitizers.
– successful test with the use of Radachlorin, a new high-efficiency preparation;
– continuously pulsed and periodic pulsed radiation mode set by preprogramming;
– radiant power monitoring;
– setting-up and control of emission exposure and its energy dose by direct readings countdown readings;
– user friendly display format, an advisory subprogram containing reference data;
– customer-oriented fiber optic kits;
– small dimensions, low weight and power consumption;
– single-phase voltage;
– high reliability; long-life operation.

Basis Specifications

Maximum average radiant power of the first and second laser beams respectively, W (minimum): 2,2; 14
Wavelength range, the first and the second laser beams respectively (the specified wavelength shall be agreed with a customer), Nm 662±20, 910±100
Mode of operation continuously pulsed; periodic pulsed; pulse-periodic radiation
Adjustment range for pulse duration and spacing interval, ms (control step 50%) 1-1000
Target laser wavelength, Nm 532
Luminiferous fiber core diameter, mcm (microns) 200-600
Power supply 220V, 50Hz, 100(250)W
Dimensions, mm 120x260x330
Maximum weight, kg 10
Time range of automatic exposure, min 0.1-120
Range of average laser power density, W/ cm2 0,1-104

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The DIOMED 630 PDT Laser is intended for use in Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) as a source for the photoactivation of PHOTOFRIN‚ (porfimer sodium) for Injection for:

  • palliation of patients with completely obstructing esophageal cancer, or of patients with partially obstructing esophageal cancer who, in the opinion of their physician,
  • reduction or obstruction and palliation of symptoms in patients with completely or partially obstructing endobronchial nonsmall cell lung cancer (NSCLC), and
  • treatment of microinvasive endobronchial NSCLC in patients for whom surgery and radiotherapy are not indicated

The DIOMED 630 PDT incorporates operator features:

  • Quick to set up
  • Control of laser energy delivery by handswitch or footswitch
  • An internal power meter for calibration of optical fibers, enabling accurate dosing of the patient
  • Automatic selection of laser energy dosimetry – using the ‘touch-screen’ menu, the operator simply identifies the treatment area and fiber length to be used and the software calculates the laser power and duration required for each treatment
  • Option to set custom treatment parameters in joules of energy delivered or time elapsed
  • Laser software records the power and energy delivered during each treatment session

The DIOMED 630 PDT is the only diode laser available for photodynamic therapy (PDT) in conjunction with PHOTOFRIN‚ (porfimer sodium). It provides up to 2000mW of 630nm continuous wave laser radiation to the tip of a flexible delivery fiber optic. The DIOMED 630 PDT incorporates an internal calibration sphere to measure power output at the fiber optic tip.

Laser Type InGaAlP Laser Diode, CW
Wavelength 630nm ± 3 nm
Delivery fiber OPTIGUIDE* fiber optic delivery system
Delivery fiber Conector Standard SMA 905
Numerical Aperture 0.37 Numerical Aperture (NA) at Input to delivery fiber SMA connector
Power 2000mW maximum calibrated power output to fiber tip
Aiming Beam <= 5mW at delivery fiber tip. Modes: On/Off/Flash
Cooling Forced air
Power Supply 115 VAC ±10% , 60 Hz < 10A, single phase
Dimensions 485 mm (h) x 220 mm (w) x 405 mm (d) nominal – not including cuvette (19” x 8.5” x 16” nominal)
Weight 19.5kg (43lbs) nominal
Safety Standards 21 CFR 1040.10, 1040.11

The FDA clearance of the DIOMED 630 PDT is the first approval of a diode laser for use with PHOTOFRIN® in PDT. This product is available in the US, Canada and Asia/Pacific through Axcan Pharma, distributors of PHOTOFRIN®, with technical support provided by Diomed.

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The He-Ne laser is one of the most commonly used visible light lasers, giving off a red laser beam with a wavelength of 0.632mm. It has been used extensively for medical treatment, holography, laser light displays and more. Its low cost and long lifetime make it extremely convenient for use. However, the sole weakness of this laser is low output power limiting the number of applications, especially medical applications, which can be done with this laser.
The He-Ne laser is capable of an output power of over 350 mw and includes two laser tubes designed with the principle mentioned above. In this laser, the cathode is made of the filament-type oxide one, and the optical resonator can be comprised of acylindrical or spherical mirror. Two laser beams can be coupled into an optic-fiber for use. This invention can also be used to improve and develop the other gas lasers for increasing output power, such as CO2 lasers.





  • The high power He-Ne laser is ideal for PhotoDynamic Therapy, used in the fight against cancer.
  • It delivers precise power at desired wavelengths
  • It can also be used for the following:
    • internal laser surgery against polyps and other growths
    • Stimulating hair growth
    • cutaneous applications
  • Non-medical uses include the following:
    • Large screen laser shows
    • Open air laser shows
    • Powerful laser pointers for speakers in Auditoriums and large halls
    • Pollution or dust monitors

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