FloraDynamica is a food-based dietary supplement derived from the chlorophyll-rich blue-green algae known as spirulina. The proprietary blend of chlorophyll compounds is activated when the individual taking the supplement steps out into the sunlight. As a dietary supplement, FloraDynamica is taken daily for several weeks and slowly builds up in the body during that time, enhancing the health of the immune system and contributing to the maintenance of whole-body cellular vitality. Many people taking the supplement have also noted rejuvenating or youth-enhancing effects on the skin. FloraDynamica is obtained by extracting chlorophyll from the spirulina species called Spirulina Platensis. Spirulina grows naturally in the alkaline lakes of Africa, Mexico, and South America, and it once served as a major food source for the ancient Aztec empire of Central America. FloraDynamica’s manufacture entails a special patented technology that chemically transforms the chlorophyll into a bioavailable, active water-soluble chlorophyll (AWSC) complex. Up to 90% of this complex consists of chlorin е6, which enables the transmission of light energy to specifically destroy abnormal cells.  

Health-Related Effects of Spirulina, Chlorophyll, and FloraDynamica

Much scientific research has indicated various health-promoting benefits of spirulina and chlorophyll, such as improved immune system functioning lowered total cholesterol, increased HDL cholesterol, lowered triglycerides, and reductions in blood pressure. Laboratory studies also suggest that chlorophyll may support red blood cell production and inhibit bacterial infections and malignant tumor growth. Investigations of active water-soluble chlorophyll (AWSC) have confirmed similar benefits in studies conducted at the Moscow Scientific-Research Institute of Hematology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, at the clinics of Samara and Chelyabinsk medical schools, and at the N. N. Blokhin Moscow Cancer Centre of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. The raw material that comprises FloraDynamica  is referred to as active water-soluble chlorophyll (AWSC). This substance bears a striking resemblance to hemoglobin, the protein inside red blood cells that binds to oxygen. As you might guess, active water-soluble chlorophyll (AWSC) reacts with oxygen and light in ways conducive to health and healing. At the same time, Bactive water-soluble chlorophyll (AWSC) has rejuvenating and regenerative effects throughout the body: It stimulates the regeneration of intact cells and enhances immune system health for prolonged periods of time. Active water-soluble chlorophyll (AWSC) may confer the following health-related benefits:

  • Promoting good health and maintaining vital body functions
  • Maintaining blood sugar within a healthy range
  • Enhancing the body’s regenerative capacity
  • Supporting a healthy immune system
  • Enhancing overall circulatory health
  • Maintaining LDL cholesterol within a healthy range
  • Acting as an adaptogen—essentially increasing resilience or stress-coping ability


Use of FloraDynamica as a Dietary Supplement

FloraDynamica can be taken orally as a dietary supplement and is directly absorbed into the bloodstream, where it can enter all cells. FloraDynamica is taken for one month and then stopped. The effects of the supplement are enhanced by stepping outside and receiving the full-spectrum light of the sun. The supplement is preferably taken with food (e.g., goat yogurt) or beverage such as a milk or a healthy milk substitute (e.g., almond milk, hemp milk, rice milk, or coconut milk). Antioxidants such as vitamin C and E should be avoided during the monthly course of FloraDynamica, and for one to two months afterward. You may repeat the one-month course of FloraDynamica every six months. Specific dosage guidelines (as suggested by the manufacturer) are as follows:   The normal dosage range is 20-140 mg/day, or 1-8 capsules per day. If you feel healthy, you may take one capsule of FloraDynamica per day for 30 days. Individuals with health problems may consider taking higher doses (up to 8 capsules per day for 30 days) under the guidance of a qualified health care professional. More specific dosing details can be found in the appendix of our book, The Medicine of Light.