Mainstream cancer treatment focuses on eliminating the tumor or other visible signs of the disease, and in most cases this means using some combination of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Aside from the therapeutic options offered by Photomedicine, there are other innovative therapies that can either complement the standard treatments, often improving the effectiveness and tolerability of those treatments.

Some of these innovative therapies may serve as an alternative to mainstream treatments that are unable to bring about a remission. Some are experimental treatments while others are accepted as established treatment options in some countries.  Many of these treatments either attack cancer directly or shift the body’s chemistry in ways that help curb the growth and spread of cancer.

What follows is a list of innovative therapies that we believe may improve long-term survival and quality of life for people with cancer.  Please click on each of the links below for a more detailed description of the particular therapeutic approach.


Hyperthermia Treatment

Hyperthermia treatment entails raising the temperature of the body or part of the body (the tissue in and around a tumor, for example), usually to at least 40-43°C.  This approach is usually done in conjunction with radiotherapy, but it is also showing promise when done in conjunction with either chemotherapy or photodynamic therapy.   READ MORE…


Mistletoe Therapy/Iscador

Mistletoe, a semi-parasitic plant native to a number of European countries, has some unique anti-cancer properties.  Iscador is the European trade name for a group of treatments prepared from several types of mistletoe extracts and aimed at intensifying the body’s own defenses against cancer.  READ MORE…


Intravenous Vitamin C

Very high doses of vitamin C can kill cancer cells and shrink tumors; however, research suggests that only with intravenous (IV) infusions can you achieve the blood levels of vitamin C that are needed to selectively kill cancer cells without affecting normal, healthy cells.  READ MORE…


IV Drip

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Cancer seems to thrive under low oxygen conditions, and chemotherapy and radiotherapy are least effective against tumors that have regions of hypoxia (lack of oxygen).  In hyperbaric oxygen therapy, you breathe in pure “pressurized oxygen” that can enhance the tumor-killing activity of various cancer treatments.  READ MORE…


Intravenous Alpha Lipoic Acid with Naltrexone

Alpha-lipoic acid (ALA), a natural compound made in the body and present in many plant foods, has been administered intravenously in patients with some advanced metastatic cancers, usually in conjunction with low-dose Naltrexone.  READ MORE…


Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine is perhaps the oldest form of medicine, and yet only recently did it become an official branch of medicine. Simply put, lifestyle medicine is about the dynamic relationship between lifestyle habits (e.g., diet, exercise, and relaxation practices) and health problems. Proponents of lifestyle medicine recognize that modifiable behaviors such as unhealthy eating and physical inactivity are major drivers of disease, death, and rising healthcare costs..  READ MORE…


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